Paititi 2011

Welcome to the new and improved website for The Secret of the Incas. In 2011, four intrepid adventurers took on a journey of a lifetime to search for the Lost City of Gold. Now, as we head into 2014, we hope you can join us once more as we look to finally build the documentary we’ve planning for over two years.

To those unfamiliar with the mythology, explorers have spent over a hundred years searching high and low for the Incan city of Paititi – otherwise known as The Lost City of Gold. It is no small quest – some have lost their lives in the pursuit. Rumoured to contain gold hidden from the Spanish at the time of the conquests, so far nobody has been able to locate this fabled city. Or if they have, they haven’t lived to tell the tale…

Even the rough location of the city remains uncertain, with theories putting Paititi in locations throughout the Andes; spanning countries as vast as Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. Only one thing has remained constant throughout all expeditions – faith. A faith in the lore, the myths and the legends. A faith that every tale is based upon a truth. A faith that the jungle has yet to reveal all its deepest, darkest and possibly most spectacular secrets.

The journey was self funded and we were limited in resources and lacking any extensive jungle training. We are simply a group of ordinary young people inspired by an alluring legend and united by a passion for adventure looking to tell our story.