The Complete Collection

The Promo Vid

Here is the official promotion video for The Secret of the Incas. Get a feel for our journey and a taste of what to expect in the upcoming documentary. 

The Pre-Trip Preparations

Okay, so, truth be told we could have perhaps done a bit more physical training prior to our trip. This video is evidence of how we definitely took the theory side more seriously than the physical, but also tells the tale of our exploration preparation and leads us in nicely to what will soon be a feature-length documentary.

The Base Camp Tour

A one-off special from currently MIA Expedition Leader Ian Gardiner. Follow Ian as he takes you round a tour of our base camp so you can see the kind of luxuries we had in our 5-star, AA-rated jungle penthouse suits.

Fatigue in the Jungle

Trekking through the jungle is easy imagine (especially with the help of these videos) but the harsh reality of it is both mentally and physically draining. This video short is an extract of an interview with Gregory Deyermenjian focusing on the difficulties of facing fatigue in the jungle.

Faces of Peru

One of the most interesting aspects of our trip was the crash course on Peruvian culture both before and after our time in the Amazon. The people we encountered there were fascinating, and extremely hospitable to foreigners such as we were. We’ve tried to highlight the spirit of these people, as seen in the faces of those we encountered in this video short.

Darwin Profile

A look at the man who offered guidance and local expertise throughout the trip; Darwin Moscoso. This video short is a quick insight into a man that inspired the team, and often kept us out of the most danger!

A Bugs Life

One of the jungle constants we faced was swarming and unrelenting insects. This video short is designed to try to explain the scale of the problem that insects posed, as well as some of the dangers.


So, it turns out that trekking through the jungle isn’t at all a walk in the park. It doesn’t come close to resembling a walk in the park, no matter how many trees you think are in the park, or how long the grass is; it’s hard work. Have a look at this video on the subject of ‘perseverance’, where you can see the struggle that was faced by the team at various stages of the trip.

Planning and Preparation

Some would argue that the hardest part of an expedition is the prior planning and preparation that goes in to it. Project Leader Ken Gawne would argue that the stresses involved in getting ready for the expedition were far more severe that when in the jungle, and if you disagree perhaps have a look at this video short on ‘preparation’.


When the team medic had to withdraw before the expedition was launched, not enough time was available to find a willing replacement. Luckily, Expedition Leader Ian Gardiner has a background in first aid and so helped make the trip as painless as possible.


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