The Team Overview

Ken Gawne

Kenneth Gawne

(Project Leader)

Originally from Northern Ireland, Ken first got involved in filmmaking when he produced the feature film Treasure of the Templars. Shooting an international project on 2 continents in 3 countries has given him experience in dealing with projects of a large scale as well as hands on production experience under difficult circumstances and constraints.


Ken Halfpenny

Ken “The Writerer” Halfpenny

(Communications Director)

Formerly a writer, social media consultant and reputation management commentator, Ken’s thirst for adventure has now lead him to serve in HM Armed Forces at Her Majesty’s pleasure. A late recruit to the project, Ken Halfpenny is looking to learn from this adventure and simply enjoy the experience.



Lewis Knight

(DOP / Cameraman)

No stranger to adventure, Lewis has a background in mountain biking, kayaking and rock climbing and has had a lot of experience working in the great outdoors.
Currently working in the British film industry, Lewis has a keen interest in adventure filmmaking.



Ian Gardiner

(Expedition Leader) 

Having spent several years working in various roles in the British government Ian is no stranger to overseas travel. Through his involvement with the cadets as an instructor Ian has plenty of leadership experience under arduous conditions.
Likes hot chocolate.



Darwin Moscoso

(Expedition Guide)

Born in Peru, Darwin grew up exploring the jungle. Currently working as a jungle guide, Darwin has an extensive knowledge of jungle flora and fauna as well as the wildlife that inhabits it. He has spent the last 20 years searching for Paititi in the course of which he has made numerous discoveries including several ancient settlements.





Regularly serving as a boatman in the Atalaya region of Peru, Milton has an extensive knowledge of jungle environments and is highly skilled in jungle survival. Milton is also experienced in catching and cooking food in the wild.